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Our Services

  • Program & Project Management 

  • Wetland & Waters Assessment, Delineation & Mitigation Planning

  • Federal, State and Local Environmental Permitting

  • Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Planning & Inspections

  • Construction Compliance Support

  • Legal Support Services

  • Grant Writing Support

  • Environmental Site Assessments/Due Diligence Support

  • State & Federal Protected Species Studies, Consultation & Permitting

  • Biological Surveys and Assessments

  • Conservation Planning

  • Watershed Assessments & Water Quality Monitoring

  • Coastal & Inland Ecological Restoration 


Stephen Bailey, PWS

Stephen is a passionate Professional Wetland Scientist with over 20 years of experience delivering comprehensive environmental permitting, design, construction, compliance, and restoration solutions. Stephen built and led environmental and water groups for multiple companies prior to founding Longleaf.  His extensive professional, client, and regulatory network throughout the Southeast adds significant value for Longleaf's clients, supporting project teaming, communication and  efficient execution. Stephen is active and visible  in consulting and conservation, serving on volunteer boards, steering committees, and participating in key industry associations.  His experience includes renewable and traditional energy, commercial, industrial, and residential development, coastal development and restoration, compliance, water resources, resiliency and sustainability, transportation/aviation, environmental management, legal support service, and oversight and support of a many types of construction projects.



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